Ann Catherine Jose

How to customize session data in NextAuth

Of late, I have been diving into Next.js and absolutely loving it. I wanted to put my learnings to practice, so I started building an app to solve a personal pain point. Along the way, I wanted to add authentication for my app and decided to use NextAuth, the go-to auth library for Next.js. Overall, it was a great experience, with a few humps along the way, but in the end, it all worked out well.

Run Code Llama 70B locally

Today, Meta AI announced they are releasing a new model Code Llama 70B, a higher performing LLM to generate code. This was exciting news and we have to try it out immediately. In this post, I will do a walk-through of how to download and use the new model and how it compares to other code generating models like GPT-4. As usual, the best way to run the inference on any model locally is to run Ollama.

From Learning to Building

It’s been a while since I last shared an update on my Reimagine journey that started three months ago. Initially, I used to share my progress every week and it helped me build momentum during the early stages. But after some time, this weekly ritual became tedious - sometimes taking up an entire day for a single post. So I decided to share updates based on significant milestones rather than tying them to specific points in time.

Goodbye and Thank You 2023

Today is a beautiful day, just two more days to end the beautiful year of 2023 - a pivotal year of my career and life. Reflecting back on the year, I am grateful and happy that I was able to experience the year in good health in the midst of wonderful people - my family, friends, and my team/colleagues at Intuit. Now is the perfect time to say goodbye to the year and share the invaluable lessons I have learned along the way.

Week in Review - Week #5

Welcome to Week #5 review of my remagine journey. The previous week’s reviews and the full series can be found at new-beginning tag collection. What I was able to do this week First things first - I was able to get out of the rut from last week. if you don’t know what I am talking about, see last’s week review Week #4 Review where it was rough for me in terms of motivation and learning routine.

Week in Review - Week #4

Yes, it is week #4 of my remagine journey and it’s time for the review. I couldn’t post it last week because of reasons I will explain below. The previous week’s reviews and the full series can be found at new-beginning tag collection. What I was able to do this week Ok, here is the honest, bitter, truth - this week (week #4) was super rough for me - in terms of learning and reaching the goals I had set out at the beginning of the week.

OpenAI DevDay 2023 - Observations & Learnings

This is the fast follow (Part 2) of the previous post OpenAI DevDay 2023 - Highlights (aka Part 1) where I shared the highlights and the announcements made at OpenAI DevDay 2023. In this post right here, I will share my observations - about the event and OpenAI tech - and my learnings - from talking to people during the event and by trying out the tech hands-on. So, let’s jump in!

OpenAI DevDay 2023 - Highlights

This week I attended the Open AI Dev Day on 6 Nov 2023 at SVN West, San Francisco. This event was special in many ways - for me, this is the first conference I attended since the pandemic and the first one during my new journey; for OpenAI, this is their first developer conference ever! So I think it deserves a dedicated blog post to share the highlights, key takeaways and my observations, right?

Week in Review - Week #3

This post has been sitting in my draft for two weeks, waiting for my time to polish and post. But then as usual, I never got to it and it just stayed there. Anyway, now I am gonna just publish. So if you see typos or mistakes, please lmk. Progress, not perfection, yeah? It’s time to review Week #3 of my reimagine journey. The previous week’s reviews and the full series be found at new-beginning tag collection.

Week in Review - Week #2

OK, here we are at Week #2 of the “new beginning” I set forth mid October - a journey which did not get a specific name, but it doesn’t matter. I guess some things are better served unnamed, yeah? Anyway, let’s jump into the review. As always, this is free flow writing and I will follow the same format as last week’s review. What I did during the week An honest review of this week should start by reviewing the goals I set out at the beginning of the week.