Ann Catherine Jose

I am a software tinkerer with a passion for all things technology and mobile. As the Director of Engineering at Intuit Inc., I lead the Mobile Engineering team in the Small Business and Self Employed group; we build the QuickBooks suite of mobile apps that serve our small business and self employed customers. Prior to this role, I worked as Principal Software Engineer in the TurboTax mobile team, and worked at other companies including Philips and SAP. I did Masters in Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology Chennai, specializing in predicate logic.

My main passions in life are following technology (particularly mobile), solving difficult problems and learning something new everyday. After a long stint as an individual contributor at Intuit, I took on the people leadership role last year and have been absolutely loving it. I enjoy working with my team, my peer group, my product partners and senior leadership team across various functions in the organization. Everyday I am faced with a new challenge which makes me come up with a solution and teaches me a new lesson in leadership.

  • My life mantra - Be the Change You Want to See. Make today better than yesterday.
  • My work mantra - Building the product right is as important as building the right product.

I blog here at Reflections and code at annjose at github. You can contact me through LinkedIn.