A new beginning

Taking a pivot in my career path to learn, build and code

A few months ago, I stood at the crossroads of my career thinking about my next chapter. I loved my job, my team, and was at the peak of my career as a leader. Yet, I yearned for a return to the world of hands-on development, where I could immerse myself in the flow of code.

The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that I want to pivot my career towards the goal of coding, learning and building with tech. But I resisted the urge to act on impulse. Instead, I started a deliberate, step-by-step plan to execute this transition. Here’s how I approached it…

First, I defined why I want to pivot and what I really want to do. I decided on goals for the journey ahead:

  1. Tech Builder - dive deep into technology, build and code.
  2. Time Freedom - regain control over my time and use it wisely.
  3. Mental Health - prioritize mental well-being and be resilient.
  4. Physical Health - strengthen my body, nutrition and sleep.

Second, I discussed this with my family and got unwavering support from my husband and my ever-encouraging daughter. My dad and mom-in-law were understandably surprised initially, but their support grew when they saw the depth of my passion and commitment to this path. Together, we decided to embark on this adventure.💪

Next, I started to prepare my organization, my teams and the initiatives that I was leading to be on a steady path. I strengthened my leadership bench and defined clear goals for my teams. Simultaneously, I prepared myself personally and financially to ensure that I can take this leap with confidence.

Then I shared my plan with my manager and company. They were fully supportive and agreed to an extended leave to pursue my passion. This is what makes Intuit truly exceptional. Then my manager and I started the transition plan to ensure my team is in capable hands and communicated this change across the org.

Finally, yesterday marked the bittersweet end of my current role. My team organized a heartwarming ‘See you later Ann’ party where we reminisced about old memories and discussed the new ones to come. Great food, lots of photos, laughter, hugs, and even a few tears.

Now I stand on the threshold of this exciting chapter. I have made a detailed plan and routine to follow, but I am fully aware that I need to have a lot of discipline and grit. However, I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of Progress, not Perfection. I am prepared to stumble and learn from each step, never give up on this journey.

While I embark on this journey, one thing is certain: I will miss my incredible team immensely. They have become an integral part of who I am, and I carry their spirit with me as I set forth. I remain committed to staying connected with them, nurturing the hope that our paths will cross again in the not-so-distant future.

I am thankful to everyone who has been a part of my journey🚀. I look forward to sharing this incredible adventure with all of you on this blog https://annjose.com/.

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