First post from Hugo

This is my first blog post created by Hugo, a simple, fast and powerful blogging engine written in Go. Setting up my blog on Hugo was quick and easy; it took less than 4 hours.

I have set this up such that I publish the content to GitHub pages, so the publish workflow is as simple as writing some Markdown and a git push. This is a good tutorial on how to do this.

Here is what I love about Hugo:

  • Static content generation, which means blazing fast rendering, no need to manage databases, VMs etc.
  • Very easy to publish content - create content in markdown and simple git push
  • No dependency issues; literally runs out of the box
  • Highly customizable UI
  • A good opportunity to learn Go language

So far, I am just loving Hugo. Next step is to explore it further and customize it to my heart’s content. Hugo

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