Upgrading my blog engine Hugo and content

Today I upgraded my blog engine Hugo from version 0.30.0 to 0.73.0. It’s been a while since I upgraded, so I was not sure how easy or difficult it will be. The upgrade completed quickly, but my entire home page (running locally) went blank right after the upgrade. With a good amount of googling, reading through the documentation and a few tweaks in my folder structure, I was able to bring it back up and running and published it.

Display mathematical expressions in blog

As part of my Machine Learning course, I learned a useful trick which I will share hoping that it may help someone or I myself can refer to it later. The problem at hand was how to display the mathematical expressions that calculate cost function, gradient descent etc. in a blog or web page. In OneNote, you can do it using OneNote Equation tool earlier, but I wanted to do the same in my blog posts.

First post from Hugo

This is my first blog post created by Hugo, a simple, fast and powerful blogging engine written in Go. Setting up my blog on Hugo was quick and easy; it took less than 4 hours. I have set this up such that I publish the content to GitHub pages, so the publish workflow is as simple as writing some Markdown and a git push. This is a good tutorial on how to do this.